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Emrah Burulday NBR Economy Newspaper Interview 2023




Emrah Burulday NBR Ekonomi Gazetesi Röportajı 2023Emrah Burulday NBR Ekonomi Gazetesi Röportajı 2023



Emrah Burulday will serve many sectors with its New Subsidiary Tunga Metal,

Continuing its growth with Sure Steps, Manas Kalıp continues to invest while General Manager Emrah Burulday said that they established a company called Tunga Meal to realize the investment in Laser and Abkant, and thus, they will serve sectors other than automotive as of the end of February.


Specializing in sheet metal molds, especially progressive molds and gaining the trust of the sector in this regard, Manas Kalıp has been carrying out process-design and manufacturing in the automotive, white goods, furniture and energy sectors since 2012, when it was founded with the motto of ‘zero error, minimum cost, fast and clean work’. . Operating on an area of 2,400 square meters today, the company is expanding its business volume by focusing on new investments. Manas Kalıp General Manager Emrah Burulday stated that they aim to open up to various markets, especially to North Africa, which is a maritime neighbor to India and Europe, and said, “Our business volume has increased significantly with the investments we have made. We will continue to direct what we earn here to our boutique production investments. During the pandemic period, with the European market moving away from China, production in many areas increased significantly with the interest in Turkey. Especially, the increase in the number of new projects in the automotive industry had a positive impact on the molding industry.

“We started 2023 well”
They exported in previous years; Explaining that they now want to open up to foreign markets again, Burulday said, “Our goal is to start exporting to Europe. On the other hand, we think there is potential in the Indian North African and Mexican markets. In this context, we are conducting our customer researches. Burulday said that they work with a production capacity of about 100 sheet metal, pipe, profile, aluminum and stainless parts, mainly progressive, tandem and transfer molds annually.
Stating that 2022 was a very good year and they made a good start to 2023, Burulday said, “We are currently producing the sedan model of Togg. Ford and Toyota also have projects. I think this year will be good for both our company and the industry.”

“We started a new company”
Tunga Metal Makine Lazer Pres Automotive AŞ, in order to invest in laser press brakes for boutique production this year. Stating that they established a company named Burulday and gave machine orders, Burulday said, “There is change in the world in many ways and it is very important to keep up with this change. Although many new players enter the automotive market, increasing costs, and technological vehicles will enter production with electric vehicles, even though the total vehicle sales figures increase, leaner and more boutique productions will gain importance due to the serious decrease in company-based vehicle sales figures, and it will be seen that the investments and practices of the companies in this direction will be increased. We thought it would increase enormously. We have taken such a path in order to both take an early step in this regard and to solve the operations that have an additional expense item in our structure with our sister companies. We are planning to complete the installation of the machines at the end of February and Tunga to start its activities. The fact that our capacity is full before we open is also an indication of how accurate our investment in laser cutting is.”
Emrah Burulday, who stated that they will produce machine cabinets as well as contract laser cutting with Tunga, said, “While we continue to make quality production for the automotive sector with Manas, we will serve many different sectors with Tunga. We have determined our roadmap in order to establish an ecosystem with the investments we have made entirely with equity capital.

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